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Saturday, August 17, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Been wondering why identical strange posts have been appearing at both The Soda Fountain and Odyssey Talk? Well it's because Shadowpaw and Jared Walczak have teamed up to provide the fans with the most exciting, most suspenseful, most intriguing Odyssey Fan Fiction ever! Welcome to AIO Mole! Contestants from all over Odyssey and area have been chosen to participate in the most entertaining Odyssey game show since AIO Survivor! Be sure to bookmark this site, as you're definitely going to want to be coming back on a regular basis to find out what's been happening to our twelve beloved contestants. Visit the Rules Section for the rules of AIO Mole, the Contestants Section for information on the competitors, the Mole Board to chat with other fans, and the Results Section for information on what is happening (and what has happened) during the course of the game. Each week the fans will vote out their least favorite contestant, slowly whittling down the contestants until only a winner and the mole remain. Who is the mole? Well, we're not going to tell you. :o) The point of the game is for the fans to watch closely in trying to figure out which of the twelve is secretly working against his or her fellow Odyssian's by sabotaging challenges and taking money out of the group pot. It this sounds pretty confusing, feel free to visit the Rules Section (which I've already mentioned) where it gives you a break down of how things are going to work for the next several months.

Now onto business. The intro has been divided into 3 parts and will be uploaded to this site over the next three days. On Tuesday the first official AIO Mole challenge will take place and the first round of voting will begin on Thursday. (Here is where fans will vote out their least favorite contestant). On Friday, the contestants will voice their opinions of what they've noticed in the game and try and figure out who the mole is. Then Saturday is our day off :o) (of course voting will remain open... for every round, the voting will occur over a three day period: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). On Sunday, the results of the first elimination will be uploaded and the twelve contestants will be knocked down to eleven. This is exactly how each week will occur, though the number of challenges may vary for each week (some will have one challenge, others will have two). If I've confused you even more, then I apologize... just keep checking back every day and you should have a pretty good idea how things will be working. So there you have it! The contestants have all received their invitations and are meeting at McAlister park as we speak.

Day One - Visit the Results Page to find out what is happening!

Sunday, August 18, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Welcome back! It is now Day 2 of AIO Mole, and the contestants are still not quite sure what is going on. You can check out today's events (as well as any of the previous days) by clicking on the Results icon at the top of the page or the link provided at the end of every day's post. For days you have missed, there is an "Archives" section on the bottom of the Results page and all you need to do is click on the corresponding week that you would like to browse. We would also like to point out that if you don't want to bookmark this site (though that is highly recommended) you can type "" into your browser and it will take you to the main page of AIO Mole. (The page where the flash intro is located). We also encourage everyone to visit the Mole Board where registered users (and guests) can post their comments about AIO Mole. We would love to hear early opinions of who the mole is before the game has even begun! For more information on those involved, click the Contestants icon at the top of the page.

Day Two - The Introductions Continue...

Monday, August 19, 2002 - Shadowpaw
The contestants are about to arrive in Lithuania where the first mole challenge will be taking place tomorrow. Be sure to visit the Results section to find out what has occurred. Jared and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support you've shown so far. The AIO Mole site had been up for only three short days now, and the hit totals we have received are quite impressive for such a short period of time. We hope you spread the word amongst your friends and keep checking back everyday where something new and interesting is bound to be happening. For the fans who don't know, the new AIO season won't be airing until January 11, 2003. AIO Mole is designed to tide fans over while there is a shortage of new episodes, and we think we've cooked up a whole lotta fun. :o) Come back tomorrow when the first challenge occurs and the real sabotaging commences!

Day Three - The Introductions Conclude

Tuesday, August 20, 2002 - Shadowpaw

It's time for the traitor to start flexing his or her muscles and start sabotaging the game! That's right... it's the first official AIO Mole challenge! Watch closely every week from now on as the mole will try their hardest to disrupt the challenges and penalize the group of money. The contestants will be watching ever so closely trying to unveil the mole's identity, and this means fans too can start formulating their own opinions of who the AIO Mole is and spread those thoughts and theories on the Mole Board. To find out what the first challenge is all about, click the link below!

Day Four - The First Challenge Begins!

Wednesday, August 21, 2002 - Shadowpaw

Dun, dun, dun. The first challenge comes to a conclusion! Will the group find Monica before their three hour deadline is up? Will any money be added to the pot? How well can this team function together as a unit? Find out in the Results Section! And for those who missed the first day of the Kidnap Challenge, on the bottom of the results page is an icon labeled "Archives". Click the first week, and then look for the dates you've missed. Once you're caught up to date, visit the Mole Board and spread your findings amongst the fans. And don't forget to come back tomorrow when the first round of voting will begin!

Day Five - The First Challenge Concludes!

Thursday, August 22, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Well it's the day you've all been waiting for! Well no, the mole hasn't be revealed, but the voting has begun! Swing by the Polls Page and cast your vote for the contestant you want booted out of AIO Mole. You'll also find you can select the person you feel is our little mole and we'll post those results this Monday. Sunday is the day when the person will be kicked out, and tomorrow will be a chance for the contestants to have their say in mole theories. So stop by tomorrow and see what Richard, Jack, Barry and a couple others have to say about their mole suspicion.

Day Six - [This Vote Closed]

Friday, August 23, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Well my fears about this server are becoming a reality. It seems the site went down for a long period of time yesterday and many fans weren't able to get their votes in. I will be working on setting up a "mirror" site in which you can visit if this site is ever down, and that means you will find the exact same content on both pages... I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, the contestant speculation page is now up and they share their opinon of who they think the mole is in the Results Section. Also, if you haven't already done so, cast your vote against the person you want kicked out of AIO Mole!

Day Seven - Speculation Week One

Saturday, August 24, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Looks like the AIO Mole site has found a new home! That's right, Nathan Hoobler of the AIOHQ has graciously donated webspace for the AIO Mole game show. Jared and I are grateful for the space and would like to thank him for donating it to us :o) What this means is that we no longer need to fear "Forbidden" messages or server outages... we've found a solid home for our game show. There is a down side however (which I'm truly sorry for). It looks like we've been locked out of our server, most likely because AIO Mole became so popular we began eating up bandwidth like pacman. So we are unable to retrieve the original Mole Board posts... or more importantly, the user names :o( So the Mole Board will need to begin anew again, and should be available later in the day. Again, I'm truly sorry, but in the next few days we hope to get everything back to where it was before this mess occured.

Also, which I should mention, is the new AIO Mole site is located at this address: http://www.aiohq.comindex.html So please update your bookmarks and let's get this ball rolling again! Tomorrow come back for the results of the first elimination!

Sunday, August 25, 2002 - Shadowpaw
It's elimination day! The fans have voted out their least favorite contestant of the original twelve, and now the number stands at eleven. So who was the unfortunate contestant who get the axe? Well you're going to have to visit the Results Section to find out. The Rules Section has also been updated to reflect a calendar of events for fans to have a better idea how each week progresses. And come back tomorrow when the results of the "Who is the Mole?" poll will be revealed. There will also be reactions from the contestants about losing their first victim.

Update: The Mole Board is back! Time to start chatting about AIO, AIO Mole, and anything else you'd like to discuss!

Day Nine - The First Elimination

Monday, August 26, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Well Mary Hopkins sadly was voted out by the fans yesterday. For reactions from the rest of the contestants, slide on over to the Results Section and read what they had to say. You'll also find a nifty bar graph displaying the votes that were cast towards the mole. Are the fans close to figuring it out? Or have the writers completey fooled everyone? Well, you won't know that answer for another couple months. So in the meantime, check back tomorrow for the beginning of week two. Also, if you haven't already noticed, the Mole Board is back up! We would like to thank Joseph Paul who has donated space for us at his website because the AIOHQ server doesn't support CGI. So thank you Joseph!

Day Ten - Reactions Week One

Tuesday, August 27, 2002 - Shadowpaw

Week 2 has officially begun! For those who are confused as to what kind of clock AIO Mole runs on, every Tuesday is the beginning of the new week (since that's when all events from the previous week have been wrapped up). So in a way, each chapter of AIO Mole begins with the beginning of the newest challenge... today that challenge is called "The Castle Challenge". To find out what the contestants are going through, visit the Results Section! Then visit the Mole Board and spread your wild and crazy theories as to the identity of the mole. Part two will be up tomorrow.

Day Eleven - The Second Challenge Begins!

Wednesday, August 28, 2002 - Shadowpaw

The Castle Challenge comes to a conclusion today. Will the group ever be able to earn money for the pot? Who does things that begin to draw attention to themselves? Is Richard to be trusted guarding the center of the castle? And why is Wooton keeping so quiet during all of the challenges? Well some of those questions will be answered in the second part of the Castle Challenge over in the Results Section!

Day Twelve - The Second Challenge Concludes!

Thursday, August 29, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Who will join Mary Hopkins in the loser circle come this Sunday? It's you, the fans, who are going to be providing this information to us via our Poll! If you missed the most recent challenge, head over to the Results Section and review the day's events. There you will hopefully have a better idea who you want out of the game, and also a better idea of who the AIO Mole is. So what are you waiting for? Voting has begun!

Day Thirteen - [This Vote Closed]

Friday, August 30, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Fans everywhere appear split on who the mole is! Each of the contestants have done something up till this point that might make them look suspicious in front of the others, but only one of them has been selected to sabotage any and all attempts by the group to add money into the collective pot. Today the contestants speak out, and provide their own insight into what they've noticed as the game has unfolded over the past week and a half. So check out the Results Section and read what they had to say! You can also vote in this week's poll and come back Sunday when the results are revealed.

Day Fourteen - Speculation Week Two

Sunday, September 1, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Two weeks ago there were twelve contestans battling each other to try and figure out who the mole is. After today, only ten will remain. So which unlucky individual will be joining Mary Hopkins at the loser's round table? Head over the Results Section and find out for yourself! Revisit the site tomorrow when several of the contestants reflect upon their most recent loss, and also get a chance to see the voting spread for theories about the mole!

Day Sixteen - The Second Elimination

Monday, September 2, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Mary Hopkins was the first contestant voted out of AIO Mole and one week later, Wooton Bassett would join her in the loser's circle. Check today's Results Section for the player's reactions to the most recent elimination, as well as a breakdown from the statistics of the Mole Poll. Which contestant is lying about their feelings? The mole of course! But that identity won't be revealed for another 2 months! So keep checking back!

Day Seventeen - Reactions Week Two

Tuesday, September 3, 2002 - Jared Walczak

The Water Adventure Challenge starts today. This challenge is different than the two preceding it in that it is essentially two mini-challenges tied together by two things: both are water-related and simply because Bryan Dern said they're tied together and what he says goes around AIO Mole. So, what hapens when the contestants go kayaking? Can they handle the challenge? Find out what happens in the first day of action by checking out the Results Section!

As Shadowpaw prepares for his month-long excursion to Colorado Springs as AIO Mole's ambassador to Adventures in Odyssey (also known as the position of intern), he has handed me the reigns to AIO Mole. While this won't change who actually writes the challenges and other material (we will continue to alternate weeks; I write the odd-numbered challenges and Shadowpaw the even-numbered), it will change who writes the daily updates on this page and who keeps the site generally up-to-date. Hopefully, the level of quality on this site will not drop too drastically while Shadowpaw is away!

Day Eighteen - The Third Challenge Begins!

Wednesday, September 4, 2002 - Jared Walczak

The Water Adventure Challenge concludes today with a fishing expedition. But for those of you that don't like to fish (as all non-anglers know, fishing is really boring!), worry not! Part two of the Water Adventure Challenge is part fish, part mole and many parts intrigue. Consider it an AIO Mole whodunit - or is that a whoisit in this case as the question is that oft-repeated one: Who is the Mole? See if you can find out as you read part 2 in the Results Section!

Day Nineeen - The Third Challenge Concludes!

Thursday, September 5, 2002 - Jared Walczak
It's only my third day on the job and I'm already abandoning protocol. Normally, today would simply be the start of the voting and tomorrow, as the voting continued, the speculation by the Mole contestants would be posted. However, due to the fact that the current challenge, Water Adventure, is basically two water challenges in one, there are two separate rounds of speculation. Voting starts today in the Polls section for who should leave next and who you think the mole might be and in the Results section, I have added day one of speculation, which covers the kayaking portion of the challenge. Tomorrow, I'll post speculation for the second part, the fishing expedition - the closest AIO Mole can get to a whodunit!

Day Twenty - Speculation Part One [This Vote Closed]

Friday, September 6, 2002 - Jared Walczak
It's Friday again (it seems go come around about once per week) and time for the conclusion of our two-part speculation section for this week. Today, head to the Results page to see what the AIO Mole contestants have to say about the second phase of challenge three, the fishing expedition. A lot of you have questions about the fishing challenge - maybe this will clear at least a few of them up! If you haven't voted yet, please go do so now at the Polls page.

Also, it's finally here. Some of you have complained that when scrolling down this page and clicking on a link to, say "Day Ten - Reactions Week One," it takes you to the current day's Results and you must then scroll down to the bottom of that page and click "Week 1," then find the Results section. Three part processes can be annoying, so I took some time yesterday to fix the problem. Now, when you click on "Day Ten - Reactions Week One," it takes you to (try to guess), "Day Ten - Reactions Week One!" I hope this makes it easier on all of you who have been trying to access the archived results sections.

Day Twenty-One - Speculation Week Three Concludes

Sunday, September 8, 2002 - Jared Walczak
The time has come for this week's elimination. In previous weeks, Mary Hopkins and Wooton Bassett were asked to leave; who will it be this time? Find out in the Results section and be sure to check back tomorrow as we post the reactions of the contestants and the results of the third Mole Poll. The Mole Poll results for tomorrow are stunning, with one contestant actually breaking 25 percent of the vote. For comparison, the leading contestants had 19 and 16 percent of the vote respectively in the two previous Mole polls. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see who garnered so many votes.

Day Twenty-Three - The Third Elimination

Monday, September 9, 2002 - Jared Walczak
The start of another school week has begun and all of us are crying out for mercy (except those among us that do not attend school... but then again, they have jobs...). At least we can offer you one ray of hope: Margaret Faye has been expelled from AIO Mole! With her leaving the class, so to speak, the rest of the 'students' can perhaps better attend to their one all-important activity: solving the problem of the Mole's identity. Because, there will be a test! Today, a few of those players give their reactions on Margaret leaving the group. You can read it in the Results section - along with the surprising results of the Who is the Mole Poll... it's a stunning illustration of the fact that the crowd really can be wrong! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the start of a new challenge!

Day Twenty-Four - Reactions, Week Three

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 - Jared Walczak

It's time for the fourth AIO Mole challenge to begin. This week, it's Shadowpaw's turn to write and he presents the "Trio Challenge." Driving, biking and walking. Which is easiest? Think you know? Read the... you just may be wrong! What will happen? What sabatouge will the mole commit this time around? Find out in part one of the Trio Challenge in the Results Section! And be sure to check back tomorrow for part two of the challenge!

Day Twenty-Five - The Fourth Challenge Begins!

Wednesday, September 11, 2002 - Jared Walczak
One year ago. One year ago today, Islamic terrorists took the lives of over 3,000 people using our own planes. It was a day of terrible tragedy and terrible suffering for the many who lost family members and friends. Even now, our country is changed by those events, the evil works of those bent on the destruction of the United States and all it stands for. But through it all, I pray that America may be able on this day of rememberence to bless God, without whose helping hand many would have been unable to cope with their losses. God Bless America - and America, it's time to bless God!

Now it's time for today's challenge, part two of the Trio Challenge. Normally we say "the conclusion of," but I can't today, as Shadowpaw has written a three-part challenge! Today, read part two in the Results Section; tomorrow, come back to read part three and the speculation. On a different note, the Mole Boards are currently down - for the LAST TIME. We finally have a different host for the boards and they will be up on that new host by tonight or tomorrow!

Day Twenty-Six - The Fourth Challenge Continues!

Thursday, September 12, 2002 - Jared Walczak

Well, it's time for the conclusion of this week's three-parter, the Trio Challenge. Since having a three-parter pushes everything back, we'll make up for 'lost time' by also having the speculation posted today. You can read both the final portion of the challenge and the speculation in the Results Section! Tomorrow, the voting will begin as usual. Finally, the Mole Boards are working, but are still on the bad server - that will change as of tonight or tomorrow, so check back!

Day Twenty-Seven - The Fourth Challenge Concludes / Speculation Begins!

Friday, September 13, 2002 - Jared Walczak
Yes, it's unusual. Our voting starts a day later... sorry about that, but the three-part challenge threw things off a bit. This means voting is one day shorter, so be sure to vote now! In other news, President Bush made a compelling case against Iraq at the United Nations yesterday. The question: was Koffi Annan wearing earplugs? Was Tom Daschle hitting the mute button? The other question: Isn't this AIO Mole and not "Conservative News Daily?" Good question. Back to the Mole, the Mole Boards are still working and are still on the bad server. I have been so, so busy. Speaking of which, I have an essay due tomorrow that I've just started (it was assigned this morning in class). So, for today, go vote in the Polls section.

Day Twenty-Eight - [This Vote Closed]

Sunday, September 15, 2002 - Jared Walczak
It's almost 4:30 PM and what normally goes up at or before midnight is really, really late. The reason? Last night, while my dad and I were attempting to network the computer of a missionary staying with us for a while (it's a really mean computer - never wants to work!), we accidentally changed my connection settings and I had no internet access. So, sorry about the delay - it won't happen again. (I hope.) The Trio Challenge continues today with the elimination. Who was told that it's time to leave? Find out in the Results section! Reactions and the results of the Who is the Mole Poll (which shows yet another surprising shift) will be placed online tomorrow.

Also, some of you may have noticed that I mistakenly forgot to remove the three contestants who earned exemptions from the elimination ballot. Fortunately, there was a clear leader in the voting and that person was not among the exempt. I apologize for all the problems this week, including the ones surrounding the Mole Boards (which, in case you haven't realized it yet, has been working well so far, although I have not been successful in transferring it to a new host yet). It's been an extraordinarily busy week - one I'm glad is over. Things should be far calmer now and I'll devote far more time to keeping this site running.

Day Thirty - The Fourth Elimination

Monday, September 16, 2002 - Jared Walczak
Yesterday, the self-declared mole, Mr. Arthur Dent, was given the boot. Everyone take note: Mr. Dent is not the mole! Really! Today, see what some of the remaining contestants have to say about Mr. Dent's exit and take a look at the interesting results of our Who is the Mole? Poll (or as Shadowpaw once called it, the Moll Pole!) - it's all in the Results section. If you haven't already, take a look at the Contestants page. With four gone, there's a whole different feel to the game. Those who most considered the weakest players have left, making way for some interesting challenges ahead! Also, be sure to check back tomorrow as the fifth challenge kicks off!

Day Thirty-One - Reactions Week Four

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 - Jared Walczak

AIO Mole is proceeding along quickly - we now begin our fifth challenge! This week, as it is an odd week, it's my turn to write. Perhaps that's what makes it such an odd week! So today, the fifth challenge, Fugitive, begins. It's one huge game of capture-the-flag - except for one thing: the flag is not a strip of cloth. It's one of the contestants. Check out part one today in the Results page! The Mole Boards are working properly today after an outage yesterday.

I will continue working on getting the Mole Boards on a new server when I get the time. Unfortunately, I have been really busy and repeated attempts to get it to work on the donated server have failed for reason or reasons unknown. I just don't have the time to sit down all day and play with it until it works, as I would like to do. Fortunately, the boards are working now and I will keep working on transferring them.

Day Thirty-Two - Fugitive Challenge Part One

Wednesday, September 18, 2002 - Jared Walczak

AIO Mole continues today with the second part of the Fugitive challenge. Find out if the team catches Richard or not and if anyone does anything suspicious. Why, you'll even get to hear (or is that read?) from Whit! But wait... he's not in the game! Well, he is today. It's all up in the Results section. Be sure to check back tomorrow for speculation by the characters about who they think the mole might be - and for now, give your thoughts on the Mole Boards!

Day Thirty-Three - Fugitive Challenge Part Two

Thursday, September 19, 2002 - Jared Walczak
The fifth challenge has concluded and today, the contestants give their thoughts on who the mole might be in the fifth speculation, located in the Results section! Also today, voting begins. It's once again time for you to choose who leaves the game next and to tell us who you think the mole is! You can vote at the Polls page. The polls will be open until late Friday night, but why wait? Vote now! The Mole Boards are going strong, with about 2,350 posts at the time of this writing. Also, congratulations to Hawkeye, who is the first person besides myself to reach 300 posts on the Boards!

Day Thirty-Four - Speculation Week Five [This Vote Closed]

Saturday, September 21, 2002 - Jared Walczak
Some of you may have noticed that when Shadowpaw was running AIO Mole, there were updates on Thursday AND Friday with Saturday being the only day off, but with me running it, there's no Friday update (and as for Saturday, there may be an update, like today, but nothing new for AIO Mole). For your information, in case any of you were observant enough to notice the change, the original schedule had voting open up on Thursday and the Speculation piece go up on Friday. I thought that perhaps people would like to read the speculation before voting, so I put them both up on the same day, Thursday. Is this good or bad? Let me know by emailing me or posting your thoughts on the ever-popular Mole Boards!

Also, if you have friends who like Adventures in Odyssey, do us a favor and tell them about AIO Mole and the Mole Boards! Just give them the address (http://www.aiohq.comindex.html). I know it's not the easiest in the world to remember, but maybe send them an email or something with the link. If you spread the word, why not let me know about it? Thanks in advance!

Sunday, September 22, 2002 - Jared Walczak
Today's update, the Elimination piece for this week, is really quite short. It's just one of those times were there wasn't a whole lot to write. Still, I'm sure you're interested in finding out who got voted out... right? If so, head over to the Results section. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the Reactions from the contestants on today's eliminated contestant and for the newest results of our Mole Poll! Also, be sure to check out the Mole Boards - now with more than 3000 posts in 26 days!

Day Thirty-Seven - Elimination Week Five

Monday, September 23, 2002 - Jared Walczak
Today, another challenge ends. Yes, challenge five (halfway through the challenges now!) has concluded today with the Reactions by the contestants and the yet again astonishing Who is the Mole? Poll results. One contestant enjoys a strong, steady and vocal base of supporters who think he is the mole. That man is Jack Allen. However, he is not a Mole Poll leader. It seems that popular opinion on who the mole is shifts each week based on the challenge at hand, although a few contestants besides Mr. Allen (Mitch, Eugene and Richard to name some obvious choices) do find consistant levels of support from the voters on this issue. Still, only one can claim the prize. Who is it this week? And what do the contestants have to say about Barry Muntz saying good-bye yesteday? The Results section details all of it, so go there now!

Day Thirty-Eight - Reactions and Mole Poll Results Week Five

Tuesday, September 24, 2002 - Jared Walczak

Challenge Six of AIO Mole, the Hotel Challenge, begins today, and part one is far shorter than most. This challenge will be shorter, but before you decide to complain to Shadowpaw that he isn't writing long enough pieces for AIO Mole, consider this: not only has he been kept busy working as an Odyssey intern, but he wrote this challenge assuming a different person would be voted out and some sort of virus has apprently popped up on his computer.

So, overall, it's surprising there's anything at all, I would think! And what's here is quite good, so go to the Results page and read it now! Also, be sure to head over to the ever-popular Mole Boards, now with well over 3,000 posts!

Day Thirty-Nine - Hotel Challenge Part One

Wednesday, September 25, 2002 - Jared Walczak

The Hotel Challenge concludes today. Did the team earn that huge wad of cash - $100,000 - or was it yet another fortune lost? Did the mole show his or her true colors today or did they decide to stay out of the picture. And... what's going on? Find out in the second part of challenge six! It's all in the Results section. Also, check back tomorrow as the voting begins. And, reverting back to how we used to do it, speculation will be up for Friday.

Day Forty - Hotel Challenge Part Two

Thursday, September 26, 2002 - Jared Walczak
With challenge six completed, it's come that time again. Anxiously waited for by you (well, maybe not quite) and dreaded by Shadowpaw and I (Do you know what it's like to have to re-write a challenge because you guys voted off the wrong person? But I jest...). Yes, it's when we put the power to change the game in your hands: YOU decide who leaves next and YOU tell us who you think is the mole. It's all in Polls, so head over there now! In other news, it seems like everyone forgot about the Mole Boards yesterday. Instead of nearly 200 posts in one day, as we have had several times, we had more like thirty-five or so. Go over there and post now!

Day Forty-One - [This Vote Closed]

Friday, September 27, 2002 - Jared Walczak
The speculation has now been posted. You have your thoughts on who the mole might be. Now, go read the contestants thoughts on that same issue in the Results section! Have you figured out who lied in the Hotel Challenge yet? That's just one of the many things you can discuss at the Mole Boards, which at the time of this writing are only sixteen posts away from the 4,000 mark. If you haven't voted yet, do so now! There's still time, as the polls close late Saturday night. Please excuse the shortness of today's update; there just isn't all that much to say!

Day Forty-Two - Speculation Week Six

Sunday, September 29, 2002 - Jared Walczak
Today, yet another contestant bids the other farewell, leaving us with only half as many contestants as we started out with (what seems like) so long ago. And believe me, this vote was close. How close? Let's put it this way: it was a three-way tie! What happens when the elimination vote leaders end up in a tie? I get to choose who goes, a right I excersized this time around. You can read the elimination at the Results page. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the reactions by the contestants on today's elimination and for the always-interesting, often mind-boggling results of the Who is the Mole Poll, which we call the Mole Poll (or is that the Moll Pole?) for short.

Day Forty-Four - Elimination Week Six

Monday, September 30, 2002 - Jared Walczak
Since Shadowpaw unfortunately couldn't make time to write his Reactions piece (he has an extremely busy schedule and limited access to the internet), I quickly wrote up my own Reactions piece to his challenge six. Hopefully it will suffice. You can read it in the Results section, where you can also find the once again somewhat surprising results to the Mole Poll. Jack is back in the lead, but after that, things definitely get interesting!

Also, I've finished writing challenge seven, which starts tomorrow. It's a three-parter and is definitely our longest challenge to date at nearly 7,700 words!

Day Forty-Five - Reactions Week Six

Tuesday, October 1, 2002 - Jared Walczak

Pt 1 of 3. With Monica Stone gone, the remaining six contestants embark on a challenge that will take them across the continent. It's one very expensive Scavenger Hunt with three teams set to win money for the group - and to earn some cash and something else of their own! You can read it in the Results section. In other news, I'd like to extend a belated "congratulations" to Hawkeye, who has surpassed 1000 posts on the Mole Boards. That's a lot of posting!

Day Forty-Six - Scavenger Hunt Challenge Part One

Wednesday, October 2, 2002 - Jared Walczak

Pt 2 of 3. The contestants continue their quest to find moles - one of them is a person, the other an object. Will they find either of them before it is too late? Could I possibly make this teaser sound any more suspenseful? Read up on part two of the Scavenger Hunt Challenge in the Results section of AIO Mole, and be sure to visit the Mole Boards, which now boasts over 4,800 posts. That is, if it could boast. For your information, it cannot. Still, you should post there!

Day Forty-Seven - Scavenger Hunt Challenge Part Two

Thursday, October 3, 2002 - Jared Walczak

Pt 3 of 3. Time is ticking and the contestants are making little progress in finding their 'moles.' Will any of them make it in time and win some money for the team - and some exemptions and cash for themselves? Read up on part three of the Scavenger Hunt Challenge in the Results section of AIO Mole, and be sure to visit the Mole Boards, with nearly 5000 posts! Also, the polls are up, so be sure to vote for contestant eliminations and in our weekly "Who is the Mole?" Poll!

Day Forty-Eight - Challenge Part Three / [This Vote Closed]

Friday, October 4, 2002 - Jared Walczak
Once again, it's time for the remaining AIO Mole contestants to give their thoughts on that all-important (to this game, anyway) question: Who is the mole? As usual, there is broad disagreement among the cntestants concerning this question, just as broad disagreement is present among our readers. Isn't it great? You can read the speculation at the Results page! On Sunday, the elimination and the results of the Mole Poll will be posted. I will be gone Saturday (Whitewater Rafting trip!), but since there are no updates scheduled for Saturdays, this will not be a problem. Haven't voted yet? Vote now!

Day Forty-Nine - Speculation Week Seven

Sunday, October 6, 2002 - Jared Walczak
Sorry about updating so late in the day, although it shouldn't come as a surprise (I rushed off a quick note on the Mole Boards about this on Friday afternoon). I was gone on a great whitewater rafting trip, then came home late last night, went to church this morning, watched a football game, then worked on this. And now I have school work to do! But at least you'll get to go to the Results section now and find out who got eliminated this week by reading the newest Elimination piece! Check back tomorrow for the Reactions from the contestants and on Tuesday for the start of challenge eight by Shadowpaw!

Day Fifty-One - Elimination Week Seven

Monday, October 7, 2002 - Jared Walczak
A really quick update on what's going on before I rush off to school. For one thing, you should check out the results section, where today's Reactions piece has been posted. For another, you should come back tomorrow to read the first part of Shadowpaw's new challenge. (Shadowpaw, if you're reading this, you do have it done... right?)

Day Fifty-Two - Reactions Week Seven

Tuesday, October 8, 2002 - Jared Walczak

It's that time again: that time that comes every other Tuesday. It's the time when Shadowpaw's challenge begins! And he's got a kind of odd one today... (Well, what can you expect from Shadowpaw?) So head over to the Results section and enjoy part one of the Dice Challenge. (And no, they are not gambling!) Also, I didn't release the Mole Poll Results yesterday - it just completely slipped my mind (it's not very hard for that to happen) and I don't have time right now to add them. Tonight or tomorrow, I'll add them to the Week 7 archives and make note of it here so you can check out those results. Sorry!

Day Fifty-Three - Dice Challenge Part One

Wednesday, October 9, 2002 - Shadowpaw

Wow! Look how the time has flown! Can you believe it's already more then fifty days into the contest? And to think I was in Colorado Springs for a good large chunk of that! Well I'm back and will be once again taking over the webmaster duties from Jared! He sure has made things a lot more organized around here, and it looks great! Thanks for keeping everything in top notch condition while I was gone Jared, and things ran smoother then I ever would have imagined considering the circumstances. Anyway, enough for me... the Dice Challenge comes to a conclusion... and there's a twist! What's it all about? Check it out in the Results Section!

Day Fifty-Four - Dice Challenge Part Two

Thursday, October 10, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Well the voting has begun... everyone except for Jack is up for elimination. Who will go this week? Will it be Jason? Eugene? Mitch? Richard? Who knows! All I can say is that it's you who will decide... so go on and cast those votes for the elimination, as well as your idea for "Who is the mole!" Check back tomorrow for speculation from the contestants on their idea of mole, and as always, stay up to date with the latest theories and ideas on the Mole Board.

Day Fifty-Five - [This Vote Closed]

Friday, October 11, 2002 - Shadowpaw
With only a few weeks remaining in the game, it's crucial the contestants figure out who the mole is before it's too late! Check out the Results Section and find out what Jack, Richard, Eugene, Mitch and Jason have to say about their mole picks... and come back this Sunday when the results of the most recent poll (which is going on now), is revealed!

Day Fifty-Six - Speculation Week Eight

Sunday, October 13, 2002 - Shadowpaw
After today's events, only four contestants remain. Who are those four? Well you'll need to read the Results Section to find out for yourself! The only hint I'm going to give you is that it's a guy... oh and his last name begins with either an M or a W. Since Jack Allen earned himself an exemption last round, that means I haven't narrowed it down at all for you :o) But regardless... the elimination is up NOW and it may surprise a few long term AIO Mole followers. Tomorrow the reactions from the remaining four will be revealed.

Day Fifty-Seven - Elimination Week Eight

Monday, October 14, 2002 - Shadowpaw
So, incase you missed it, the final four was formed yesterday as Richard Maxwell was eliminated from the game. What does that mean for the rest of the contestants? Well that means the mole is either Jack, Eugene, Mitch or Jason... it's really getting close to to the end now! Find out what the fellow contestants had to say about the departure of Richard, and come back tomorrow for part one of week nine's challenge!

Day Fifty-Eight - Reactions Week Eight

Tuesday, October 15, 2002 - Shadowpaw

Scary looking logo to the left, isn't it? Well that's because the mole contestants are now thrown into a game that involves investigating a murder! Who's been killed? Well you won't know until you browse the information during this week's challenge by Jared Walczak. Will the contestants solve the crime and earn more money for the group pot? Or will the mole, or someone trying to act like the mole, successfully sabotage yet another mission and embarrass his team mates? Find out as the week unfolds!

Day Fifty-Nine - Murder Investigation Challenge Part One

Wednesday, October 16, 2002 - Shadowpaw

Well the tension is heating up as the AIO Mole series is approaching it's end! Four contestants remain, Jack, Eugene, Mitch and Jason... but this time next week, the final three will be in place and the game will race towards it's conclusion! In the meantime, the four contestants are doing their best to solve a mystery that has unfolded to earn $100,000 for the group pot. Tomorrow, voting will begin!

Day Sixty - Murder Investigation Challenge Part Two

Thursday, October 17, 2002 - Shadowpaw

Was Jack, Eugene, Mitch and Jason able to earn that elusive $100,000 for the group pot? Did any of the contestants earn an exemption to guarantee them a spot in the final three? And when does the voting begin? Well the voting has already begun! After reading today's final part of the Murder Investigation Challenge, head over to the polls page and cast the final elimination vote of AIO Mole (as next week you'll be voting for the winner). Come back tomorrow for speculation from the contestants!

Day Sixty-One - Murder Investigation Challenge Part Three / [This Vote Closed]

Friday, October 18, 2002 - Shadowpaw
So what's going through the minds of the final four contestants as they each prepare for the next elimination? You can find out for yourself as you head over to the Results Section and read up on the sixty second day of AIO Mole activies. If you haven't cast your vote yet, feel free to do so and then return this Sunday for the publication of the results.

Day Sixty-Two - Speculation Week Nine

Sunday, October 20, 2002 - Shadowpaw
So who is the most recent victim of AIO Mole? Well someone has been voted out by the fans... but was it Jack, Mitch or Jason? Eugene received an exemption in the most recent contest so he wasn't eligible for votes... but the other three were fair game. The results will be shocking for many... come back tomorrow for the reactions from the other contestants!

Day Sixty-Four - Elimination Week Nine

Monday, October 21, 2002 - Shadowpaw
So Robert Mitchell turned out to be just a mere contestant yesterday. He was not the mole, as many people assumed, which leaves the title to be applied to either Jack Allen, Eugene Meltsner, or Jason Whittaker. What did the other contestants think of the most recent elimination? And how did fans vote when asked the question "Who is the mole"? Well the results to those questions can be found in the Results Section of this site. Tomorrow, the final three compete in the last AIO Mole challenge to uncover the identity of The Mole.

Day Sixty-Five - Reactions Week Nine

Tuesday, October 22, 2002 - Shadowpaw

It's time for the final challenge! Hard to believe everything is coming to end. There's still over a week remaining in the game however, but this is the final stretch! What kind of sabotage will the mole cook up on this final game? Or will he do anything at all? Maybe the mole feels it's time to add some money to the pot, or maybe the mole messes up and doesn't even want to! How will you know these answers? Why reading today's challenge of course!

Day Sixty-Six - The Final Challenge Part One

Wednesday, October 23, 2002 - Shadowpaw

After today, there are no more AIO Mole challenges! Was Jack, Eugene, or Jason successful in their final mission? And did the mole reward the players for their efforts throughout the course of the game? Or did the mole once again fail to earn any money at all? Well some of those answers are found in today's conclusion of the Final Challenge! Tomorrow, the final vote will begin. But that doesn't mean things are going to be slowing down here. As a matter of fact... things are just beginning to heat up!

Day Sixty-Seven - The Final Challenge Part Two

Thursday, October 24, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Today the voting has begun! And to help everyone with their voting (which will be the final vote of the game), I have decided to post the Speculation today as well! Jack, Eugene, or Jason will win the game and it will be because you the fans decided it. So please vote (especially if you never have in the past) so we can make sure the worthy winner is the one that everyone wants. We also ask that you give careful consideration to all three finalists before deciding which one of them you think is the mole... those results, as well as all previous results, will be revealed as the final week unfolds. Come back tomorrow for a more in depth look at the speculation throughout the entire course of the game!

Day Sixty-Eight - Speculation Week Ten / [This Vote Closed]

Friday, October 25, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Today a special treat for the fans! Well, not that special, but it's a compilation of all the speculation that revolved around one of the remaining three contestants, or speculation directly from the final three contestant's mouths. Kinda confusing? I agree... but check it out for yourself and maybe you can find more pieces to fit into the mole puzzle. Come back this Sunday, when the beginning of the end commences!

Day Sixty-Nine - Speculation Special

Sunday, October 27, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Well today marks the beginning of the end of the game. One revelation is made today, with more to come in the following days. I don't feel today's account requires much introduction, so I will let it speak for itself. But definitely come back tomorrow, as it is probably the most important day of AIO Mole since it began!

Day Seventy-One - The Time Has Come Part One

Monday, October 28, 2002 - Shadowpaw
The day all the fans have been waiting for! That's right... for two and a half months you've all been asking, debating, researching the answer to the question "Who is the mole?". Well, the wait has come to an end for everyone! Jared Walczak and myself decided who would be the mole two weeks prior to the site opening up, and not once did we ever change who the mole was. Nor did we even bring up the possibility once the game began of changing our mole. The person's identity lies within today's results... as well as a brief rundown of how he did it. Though the fun isn't over... come back tomorrow for even more AIO mole!

Day Seventy-Two - The Time Has Come Part Two

Tuesday, October 29, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Yesterday the mole and winner may have been revealed, but there's still more to come! The finale has only begun! Check back over the next few days as AIO Mole finally comes to an end. Feel free to also join us and everyone else at the Mole Boards and discuss the recent events! With over 8000 posts, it's the board of choice for AIO fans everywhere!

Day Seventy-Three - The Time Has Come Part Three

Wednesday, October 30, 2002 - Shadowpaw
The game continues to wind down as the contestants regroup to attack a familiar foe! How will it all end? Well you'll need to read today's entry, as well as the conclusion that will be posted tomorrow! In the meantime, if you haven't read any of AIO Mole in the past, than there's no time like the present to start! It all began 10 weeks ago with Week One. Enjoy!

Day Seventy-Four - The Time Has Come Part Four

Thursday, October 31, 2002 - Shadowpaw
Today is the final day of AIO Mole! Can you believe it? It's been so long since this thing started, but it's all come to a close. Today marks the final day of the game, and Jared and I would like to thank everyone for their support which made AIO Mole even more successful than AIO Survivor! If you have any comments/questions/suggestions about AIO Mole, please feel free to email us ! We'd love to hear from the fans on every aspect of the series, including any ideas you have for future AIO Reality installments. From Jared and myself, we would like to thank you once again and hope you all enjoyed the little break from the Odyssey season break. Oh and (shameless plug), check out The Soda Fountain December 1st, when the Radio Theatre section goes live. In the meantime, The Soda Fountain will continue operating as usual beginning November 3.

Day Seventy-Five - The Time Has Come Part Five

See Elimination Page

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